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flexible way to earn money?

Deeleeo delivery agents are in control of when they work, what they deliver, and how much they make.

Deeleeo Agent
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Why drive with Deeleeo?

Delivering with Deeleeo is different than other Delivery apps – Deeleeo puts you in control of your deliveries with no shift requirements or required supplies.

On your own schedule

Flexible hours

We work the delivery agents to fit as many deliveries in their availability as possible.

Deliver with Deeleeo

Competitive pay

There’s no limit to how much money Deeleeo Delivery Agents can earn per hour. Depending on which Deeleeos you accept, Deeleeo’s pricing model ensures that you’re making a health wage for the distance you travel and time spent from pickup to drop off.

Control your income

When you become a Deeleeo Delivery Agent, you take control over your work. Be your own boss, and only accept the deliveries you want to make.

Be your own boss

Deeleeo Agents deliver on their own schedule and their own terms.

Deeleeo lets you choose which deliveries you make, and see the money you’ll earn before accepting a delivery. You can even earn bonuses for completing special deliveries!

Be your own boss

We work hard to make delivering easy


See the details

Know the pickup and delivery details before you accept requests


Messaging features

Direct communication with the customer for fast answers



Get alerts or browse Deeleeos you can pick up during your trip



Choose deliveries that fit your schedule and mode of transport


Multiple deliveries

Make multiple deliveries at the same time

Deliver packages, not people

And not restaurant-ready food!

No minimum vehicle requirements

Explore your city in a new way

No need to entertain passengers

No language or education barriers

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Download the Deeleeo Agent mobile app & sign up to become a delivery agent

Make extra money by picking up goods and making small deliveries along the routes that you’re taking anyway!