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Deeleeo Standard Features!

Every Deeleeo comes with peace-of-mind delivery standards.

  • Proof of delivery – photo confirmation
  • Live tracking & real time status notifications
  • Custom SMS & emails for notifying
  • Printable labels (optional)
  • Direct contact with delivery agents per Deeleeo
  • 24/7 customer support

On-Demand Local Delivery. Safe. Reliable.

Same day, Scheduled, Direct & Rush delivery options


What does this mean?

Size: The size of your item determines the type of vehicle needed for the delivery: Small, Medium, Large and Commercial

Weight: Each size category has 2 different weight categories: light and heavy.


What does this mean?

The further an item needs to travel, the more gas is used and the more time is required by the delivery agent to complete the delivery.

Specialising in local delivery, Deeleeo’s services work best within a 50km radius of the pickup location. Longer-distance ‘local’ delivery is also available upon request.


What does this mean?

The urgency of the delivery may shift the delivery price, as more urgent deliveries will cost more money. Deeleeo offers 3 delivery options to get your item to its destination right on time.

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Additional Features

Deeleeo offers additional features for deliveries which may require special handling for an additional fee. 

Special care/Fragile

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Deeleeo offers white-glove level service on all of its deliveries, but if you’re delivering an extremely fragile item (an heirloom chandelier? Crystal wine glasses?), consider marking your item as “extremely fragile” for an even greater emphasis on cushioning your delivery.

Loading/unloading needs

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Maybe you’re trying to have a large item delivered, and it’ll take more than one person to lift and move the item. If you don’t have an extra person at the pickup or dropoff locations already there to help, you’ll need to specify your loading and unloading needs to ensure that the Deeleeo agent will be able to deliver your item.

Keep cool/warm

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Deeleeo doesn’t deliver restaurant-ready food, but some items might still require temperature control. If your item must be kept cool or warm, this option must be selected to ensure that your Deeleeo agent is using a temperature-controlled bag.


More information

Deeleeo is licensed to deliver alcohol!*

If your item contains alcohol, it is required that you select this option while creating your Deeleeo. This way, your Deeleeo agent will know to take extra precautions and confirm the recipient’s age in order to comply with the laws in your province.

Check out more information about age-restricted and alcohol delivery here. 

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*Business discounts not applied when creating estimates in the app or in a browser. Resulting estimate may be higher than actual delivery price for business.
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