Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is Deeleeo?

Deeleeo is a local on-demand delivery solution made to meet your needs. 

Use Deeleeo for anything you need delivered! For example:

  • Curbside pickup
  • Your business’s delivery needs
  • Kijiji/FB marketplace deals
  • Returning items to a store

For specialty deliveries and business delivery requests please contact us!

*Please note that we do not deliver restaurant ready food


How does it work for general users?

When you create a delivery request (aka ‘create a Deeleeo’) our delivery agents see it and will accept, pick up, and drop off your items. You can see your deliveries on the Deeleeo app. You will receive real time status notifications, confirmation emails with proof of delivery photos, direct communication with your delivery agents, live tracking, and more.


How do I make a Deeleeo?

To make a Deeleeo you need to:

  • Create an account! It takes about one minute to create your free Deeleeo account.
  • Enter the pickup and drop off information
  • Enter relevant details about the item
  • Select the size of the item
  • Decide when you want the item picked up and dropped off
  • Select any special add-ons your item will need


Do you deliver food?

We do not deliver restaurant-ready food. 



What does it cost for general users?

Pricing information can be found here. You can also get exact pricing by drafting a Deeleeo on the Deeleeo mobile app or website!  



How do I sign up?

You can sign up by downloading either the user or agent app and creating an account. If you would like to have a business account you can input your business name and then contact us to discuss custom business solutions and options. After that, all you need to do is make your first Deeleeo!



Can I send more than one item?

You can send multiple items at a time. Please identify in the notes how many items there are and if possible provide a photo. Please note that items going to different drop off locations require separate Deeleeos. Our easiest platform to order multiple Deeleeos through is our web app and Shopify app. We also provide a batching template for businesses and you can contact us for this feature. 



What type of technology do I need to make a Deeleeo?

Most smartphones will support the Deeleeo app and the Deeleeo web app can be accessed from any desktop computer, tablet, or laptop. The Deeleeo Shopify app can only be accessed by those with web stores powered by Shopify. 



Where is Deeleeo?

Deeleeo currently has delivery agents in the following cities:

  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Winnipeg
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

We are actively expanding to new locations as we speak. Tell us where you would like to see Deeleeo next!

Should I still sign up if Deeleeo is not in my city? 

Yes! Deeleeo wants to be in every city in Canada as soon as possible. Tell us the city you are in and we will add it to the list!



What are my delivery options?

Our current delivery options are:

Same Day Delivery

This option means it will be picked up and delivered on the same day. You can schedule this in advance if you are unable to fulfill the order immediately. Same Day delivery rates are only available for pickup times before 5pm. 

Scheduled Delivery

This option is for a delivery that needs to be delivered during a certain time frame. This works best if you know you will only be home during certain times to receive a delivery or you do not want your package sitting outside for long.  A scheduled delivery requires a minimum two hour delivery window that a Deeleeo Agent can deliver the package during.

Urgent Delivery

This option allows you to create a delivery request that will be picked up and delivered within two hours. This is the only option for same day deliveries that are after 5pm. Future deliveries that are not able to be fulfilled immediately but need urgent drop off after pickup can also use this option.


What do the different options mean?

Fragile is for items that are fragile or otherwise need special attention paid to them during the delivery process. 

Loading needs means at the pickup point you would need the Deeleeo Agent to have special equipment, a second person to load the item, etc. 

Unloading needs means at the drop off point you would need the Deeleeo Agent to have special equipment, a second person to unload the item, etc.

Leave at Door (Contactless) Delivery means the Deeleeo Agent will leave the item in a safe place at the drop off point. This is no contact and a great option to enforce social distancing. 

In-person delivery means the Deeleeo Agent will deliver the item in person. With this option the Deeleeo agent would hand the item directly to someone at the drop off location and bring it back to you if unable to reach someone. 

Age-restricted Delivery means that you are sending an item with legal age restrictions imposed on the possession or purchase of them. These will require the name of the person it is being delivered to because we must verify ID for all age restricted Deeleeos. 



The address is not showing up when I type it in. How do I fix that

Please ensure the address you are entering is correct. If you are sure the address is correct and no auto-fill option pops up please contact us

Why can’t I see the entire details of the delivery?

If you are unable to see the full details of the Deeleeo please scroll to see more information.



How do I find the app?

You can go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search ‘Deeleeo’ to find our mobile apps. You can access our web app by clicking ‘Make A Deeleeo’ from the main page of our website or going to Our Shopify app can be found on the Shopify app store. 



What happens if my item is damaged or missing?

At Deeleeo each package is delivered carefully by our delivery agents. If anything happens from pickup to drop off we work with you to resolve any issues. We are proud to say that from data collected there is a less than 0.15% chance that an item will be damaged or lost during a Deeleeo. If you need to report a damaged or missing item please contact us. All reports are handled on a case by case basis. 



Can I buy something off Deeleeo? 

At this time, Deeleeo does not sell products for our partners.



Can I order something from a store for in-store pick-up and have it delivered with Deeleeo?

You can order a Deeleeo for an in-store pickup purchase. If you are unable to pay the store directly and would like a Deeleeo Agent to purchase the item for you, you would need to communicate this directly with the agent by putting it in the notes of the Deeleeo and messaging them directly after it has been accepted. You can sweeten the deal by the amount that needs to be paid or you can tip your driver this amount afterwards. 



I’m ordering something from a store for in-store or curbside pickup. Who do I put as the pickup person? 

You should put in Deeleeo Agent as the pickup person and if possible let the store know you are sending a delivery agent to pick up your item. 



Do you do curbside pickup and pay for the product?

If you need something to be bought you would need to communicate this directly with the agent by putting it in the notes of the Deeleeo and messaging them directly after it has been accepted. You can sweeten the deal by the amount that needs to be paid or you can tip your driver this amount afterwards. 



Which businesses does Deeleeo deliver for?

Deeleeo can deliver from virtually any business within your city. Order curbside or in store pickup and create your Deeleeo request once your items are ready for pick up.

Deeleeo also has partnerships with many local businesses where they use the Deeleeo platform so you don’t have to! 

Is there a specific business you think needs Deeleeo delivery? Tell us!



I want to order something that would require more than one person to move. Do I need to provide the people to move the item or do you send people to help?

Some Deeleeos may be too big for one person to move on their own. When making your Deeleeo, you will be asked to specify the loading or unloading needs. If you specify that you need help loading or unloading, provide detailed user notes and Deeleeo will ensure that the delivery agent is prepared to move your item. If no loading or unloading needs are specified, and there are no details in the user notes, it will be your responsibility to ensure that additional help for loading and unloading is covered. 



Why does my order still say ‘pending’ in the Deeleeo app?

Deeleeo orders will say ‘pending’ in the app until they are accepted by a delivery agent. 



Can I get a refund?

We are happy to help if there is an issue with a Deeleeo. For a refund please submit a claim by emailing us at with the four digit Deeleeo number and reason for the request. Refunds are only available within 48 hours after drop off.  Refunds will be processed as Deeleeo credits that can be used for future deliveries. All refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. 



How do I give feedback or report an issue?

All feedback is valuable to us and we want to hear about it so we can become better. Click here to provide general feedback. For issues and technical support email Please provide a phone number for us to contact you, if necessary. We will respond to all support requests within 24 hours. 



How do I cancel my Deeleeo?

Simply tap into the Deeleeo and in the Deeleeo details you will be able to see a ‘Cancel’ button. Cancel your Deeleeo free of charge if a delivery agent has not yet accepted it. If your Deeleeo has been accepted already but not picked up you can still cancel, however a cancelation fee of $5 or 10% of the delivery fee (the larger of the two) will apply.



Can I edit my Deeleeo?

You can edit your Deeleeo by using the edit button or from the menu in the top right corner. This can be done at any point before the Deeleeo has been accepted. Any changes made after the delivery has been accepted by a Deeleeo agent require you to cancel and repost the Deeleeo with the updated information. 



Can I contact my delivery agent?

You can contact a delivery agent in the app and we encourage it! Tap on the phone or messaging icon with the desired Deeleeo to start a messaging conversation or phone call. All messages that have been initiated will show up in the ‘Chats’ tab. 



How can I tip the Deeleeo Agent?

Upon the Deeleeo being completed, visit the desired Deeleeo under ‘My Deeleeos’ and scroll to the bottom of the details and tap the ‘Review’ button to rate and tip your delivery agent! You can also add a tip in advance by sweetening the deal. 



Do delivery agents leave the package at my door? 

Unless identified as an in-person drop off or age-restricted delivery,  upon creating your Deeleeo request, items will be left at the door with a proof of delivery photo. For larger items, delivery agents can help bring them into your house, if requested in advance.



Do I get a delivery confirmation?

Every Deeleeo will give you a proof of delivery photo that is viewable in the Deeleeo details on the mobile app. 



What if my items don’t get accepted?

Deeleeo is constantly monitoring delivery requests to make sure each and every Deeleeo is accepted and delivered. Usually if you Deeleeo is not being accepted, the description and photo does not match or there isn’t enough information for the delivery agents to feel comfortable to accept it. If Deeleeos are not accepted within an hour of your pickup or drop off time, you may either cancel or repost with a better description and potentially ‘sweeten the deal’. If we are unable to find an agent to complete your Deeleeo we will inform you in advance so that you are able to find alternate delivery means. 



How long does it usually take for a Deeleeo to be accepted? 

The time for a Deeleeo to be accepted averages an hour or less depending on urgency and how far in advance the Deeleeo has been scheduled. This may be different in cities where Deeleeo is more or less established. Not to worry, we have team members watching our servers to ensure each Deeleeo is accepted and delivered on time. It is rare that a Deeleeo will not be accepted and if we feel this may happen we will reach out to you in advance so you can find an alternative solution. 



How far does Deeleeo deliver?

Our standard delivery distance is within a 50km drive of your pickup location. For deliveries outside of this distance please contact us



Where can I find my Deeleeo Credits? 

You will be able to view your credits by going to ‘Payment Methods’ in ‘My Account’ under the ‘More’ tab. 



My delivery does not need to be the same day.

Our platform is able to accommodate same day and urgent deliveries, but also scheduled future deliveries. If you schedule a Deeleeo for the future, the pickup and drop off date must be the same day.



I received a promotional email regarding free delivery from a local business with Deeleeo. Is this true?

If you have heard about a promotion with a local business offering free delivery, please contact them for the full details of their promotion with us. 



How do I find the app?

You can find the user and agent apps on either the Google Play Store or Apple App store by searching for ‘Deeleeo’. You can access our web app by clicking ‘Make a Deeleeo’ main page of our website or going to Our Shopify integration can be found by searching for ‘Deeleeo’ in the Shopify App Store



How are Deeleeo’s Agents certified?

Every person who registers as a delivery agent must pass a Criminal Background check before being approved as a delivery agent. We also require special training and/or certifications for agents who complete age-restricted deliveries. 



How do you ensure quality of service?

We have a team constantly managing and monitoring our delivery fleet to ensure to the best of your abilities that each of your deliveries is delivered safely and securely. We ensure our delivery agents are properly educated on Deeleeo’s policies and procedures. 

Each agent receives a quality rating for every delivery they perform. We know that no one is perfect, so if you are not satisfied with the quality of service you receive, we want to hear about it and make it right. 



What are your COVID-19 policies?

We do not implement any specific COVID-19 policies, but we do require you to follow all mandates and laws in your area. “Contact-free delivery” is provided as a delivery option, and if any health or safety concerns arise when using Deeleeo, we encourage you to contact us immediately. 

Business Questions

How does Deeleeo work for businesses

Post Deeleeos now for delivery today or schedule them for a later date – Deeleeo provides a flexible and simple delivery solution for all your business and personal needs. 

What does Deeleeo cost for businesses?

Pricing information can be found here. We offer custom pricing solutions for businesses depending on individual needs and conveniences, so it’s difficult to provide an accurate pricing estimate until after a quick chat with a member of our sales team. Please contact us for more information and to set up your custom delivery solution. 


Can I integrate Deeleeo into my online store?

You can integrate Deeleeo into your online store by using our Shopify App, our soon to be released Magento App, or by contacting us for API documentation for a custom solution. 


How can I use Deeleeo if my business does not have an online store/online presence?

Simply display Deeleeo stickers in your store and on your social media, if you have one, to inform your customers that Deeleeo is powering your delivery. Either you or your customer can use our web or mobile app to request deliveries. Contact us to get Deeleeo branded content to show off your new delivery option to your customers. 

Delivery Agent Questions

How does Deeleeo work for delivery agents?

Deeleeo is a platform that allows you to work when you want, where you want, and however long you want. You can go on and off duty as you wish. No need to schedule shifts or days, you can just accept Deeleeos as they appear!

You will receive New Deeleeo notifications on your phone when new Deeleeos become available (Be sure to toggle the New Deeleeo notification ‘on’ in the notification settings of the Deeleeo Agent app).

Once you accept a Deeleeo or multiple Deeleeos, follow the route to the pickup and drop off locations. 

You are responsible for successfully completing each Deeleeo you accept. If you need to cancel a Deeleeo after accepting it, there may be cancellation fees. 

At the pickup location you are required to verify the package(s) and upload an on site photo of the package(s) in the app.

While enroute to the drop off location you are responsible for anything that might happen to the package(s).

At the drop off location you must again take a photo of the package(s) and upload it in the app. The drop off photo must be zoomed-out enough to see the relative location of the package, and ideally have the location address somewhere in the photo (do not take drop off photos of the item in your vehicle). 

How do I sign up as a Deeleeo Delivery Agent?

To sign up as an agent you need to download the Deeleeo Agent app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then you will need to follow the steps in the app which will require you to submit the required documentation and complete a background check through Screening Canada. 

What type of technology do I need to be a Deeleeo agent?

To become a Deeleeo agent you will need a smartphone with photo taking capabilities. Most smartphones will be able to download the Deeleeo app and take photos for confirmation of pick up and delivery. 

How long does registration take?

It takes approximately 15 minutes to enter all required information and documentation. After that your documentation will be reviewed within 24 hours and your Screening Canada check will be processed within 1-5 business days and reviewed within 24 hours after that.



What documents are required? 

  • Proof of work Eligibility (one of the following):
    • Canadian Passport
    • Permanent Residence Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Work Permit
    • Other Proof of Canadian Citizenship
    • *Please note that a Drivers’ License is not valid Proof of Work Eligibility
  • Driver’s License (For drivers)
  • Vehicle registration (For drivers)
  • Vehicle Insurance (For drivers)
  • *Please note that a vehicle is not required. 
  • Direct Deposit Information
  • Criminal Record Check (The link for this will be sent to the email you registered with after you have submitted payment)



Why do I need to submit this information?

We use this information to make sure Deeleeo Agents are bondable, insured (if driving), and are otherwise able to work for Deeleeo. 



Can I send in my own background check?

You can send in your own background check as long as it meets our standards for background checks. A criminal background check must be done by either your municipal police department or a private company that conducts name-based criminal record checks of the RCMP’s Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system. The background check you submit must also have been completed within 30 days of submission. If you are unsure if an online service would meet these standards, please contact us. 

Vendors that meet these standards:
(please note this list is not comprehensive)

  • Screening Canada
  • Triton

I have not received approval to become a Deeleeo Agent. What is taking so long?

If you have not yet received approval please check to see if any documents have been declined. All declined documents will come with a message to your account explaining why they were declined. Please also check to ensure you have completed the Screening Canada check. If you are still unsure why you are not approved please contact us. 



How busy can I be as a Deeleeo agent?

The number of Deeleeo deliveries per day vary depending on the city you are in, however Deeleeo is continually growing and will have more and more Deeleeos per day. 



How much money will I make as a Deeleeo agent?

Our delivery agents receive between 75% and 80% of the delivery fee. This is equal to a minimum of $23/hour and can be higher depending on the number of Deeleeos you are delivering. 



How and when do I get paid?

We pay agents using direct deposit biweekly. Be sure your bank information is correct in your account on the app. 



What size of deliveries will I be expected to make?

Based on the size/type of vehicle you have, you will only see packages that match your vehicle’s capacity. This is to ensure your safety and to give our customers assurance the proper vehicle is being matched to the item being delivered. There are no requirements for the amount of weight you can lift but it’s best if you are able to lift 40lbs or more. Information on our delivery sizes can be found here and information about the specific Deeleeo can be found on the app. 



What do I do at pickup?

At pickup you should provide the name of the order or the order number. Please do not say ‘Pickup for Deeleeo’ as we can do multiple deliveries from the same location in the same day. You must also verify the item and submit a proof of pickup photo in the app on-site at the pickup location before leaving.


How do I prove I have delivered a Deeleeo?

You must always submit a photo showing that you have delivered the Deeleeo to the correct location. This photo should include the address if possible and the package. If you are doing an in-person or age-restricted Deeleeo you should take a photo to confirm the address before you deliver it to the recipient. 



Do I need to load and unload large packages?

You are expected to load and unload large packages. When you see loading or unloading needs tagged on a Deeleeo this tells you that you might need a helper agent or a friend to come help you at either pickup and/or drop off. This will be specified in the Deeleeo information before you accept a Deeleeo. Please only accept packages you are comfortable lifting and carrying a short distance. 

If other requirements are specified in the Deeleeo details, you may need to help bring the item inside a home or building, potentially install an item, and even remove other items.

This is case-by-case, at your discretion, and comes with more commission earned.

Be sure to communicate with the customer if these requests arise. We recommend when making any agreement with the customer about in-home service to do it in writing either through text messaging or in-app messaging so that you can take a screenshot of the message in the app. Pictures should be taken before and after an in-home delivery both for the app and for your own records. 



Do I have to use my own vehicle to make deliveries?

All Deeleeo agents are required to use their own method of transportation to deliver for Deeleeo – whether that be vehicle, public transit, bicycle, or by foot. 



What are your insurance requirements?

To become a Deeleeo delivery agent, insurance above and beyond normal vehicle insurance is not required by us. We recommend to all delivery agents that they carry $2,000,000 Third Party Liability for their vehicle. Although this is our suggestion, you may want to set your minimum as $1,000,000 Third Party Liability. If you register a vehicle, proof of insurance is required. 

Delivery agents are responsible and liable for every delivery you perform, including any special permits that may be required for certain deliveries. 

Here are some common insurance plans you may want to consider:


Third Party Liability – provides protection for the insured, in the event of an at fault collision, for the bodily injury or property damage they cause to someone else. 

Accident Benefits included with Third Party Liability and provides “no fault” coverage such as emergency medical, dental, chiropractor, physio, etc.

SEF44 Family Protection – provides coverage for the insured for their bodily injury if they are injured by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Collision – protects against damage to your own vehicle in the event of a collision or upset (rollover).

Comprehensive – protects against damage to your own vehicle from fire, lightning, theft, vandalism, winstorm, hail, etc.

SEF13D Limited Glass – limits the coverage on all glass to fire, theft/attempted theft or vandalism.  Most policies in Alberta have this limitation and glass coverage is available through other companies like AMI Glass.

SEF20 Loss Of Use – if there is a covered claim, this provides coverage for the cost of a rental vehicle.  Various limits are available.

SEF27 Damage to a Hired Auto – provides physical damage coverage to a rented vehicle.  Various values are available.



Commercial General Liability – provides protection for the insured for damage caused to another person or property while the insured is conducting business operations.

Customers’ Goods/Cargo Coverage – the insured is responsible for the safe care and transportation for goods in their custody and control.  Drivers moving higher valued items should consider coverage.  Small to medium transporters may look past this as the coverage has a $1,000 deductible but should know they are responsible for its value if lost or damaged.

Deeleeo has a friendly relationship with Western Financial Group. Simply email and tell them you are a Deeleeo delivery agent looking for insurance. A new business broker will be in touch within one business day.



 I need more information about a Deeleeo before accepting it. 

Any questions about a specific Deeleeo can be directed to the customer, that is why we allow you to send an in-app message and call the person that created the Deeleeo. The customer will be your best resource for answers, not Deeleeo Admin. Ask the customer via in-app messaging or calling to specify any details about the items in the Deeleeo before accepting if you are unsure. If you’re unsure, it’s best to make sure that you’re capable of delivering the Deeleeo before accepting to avoid possible cancellation fees. 

Can I contact a customer about their Deeleeo?

You can contact customers in the app and we encourage it! Tap on the phone or messaging icon with the desired Deeleeo to start a messaging conversation or phone call. All messages that have been initiated will show up in the ‘Chats’ tab. 



How do I know when a Deeleeo is available?

A ‘New Deeleeo’ notification is sent each time a Deeleeo is posted to the marketplace. Be sure to grab them quickly, they get taken fast!



What happens if I am late or early picking up and delivering a Deeleeo?

If you pick up or deliver a package outside of the specified time window, there is a chance you will be penalized. If you’re going to be outside of the specified window, communication with the customer must occur beforehand to ensure that they approve an adjustment in the time. If you did not communicate with the customer, did not receive approval, and did not pick up and deliver the item(s) within the appropriate time frame, then you will be charged the amount of the refund to the customer if a claim is made.



I can no longer deliver a Deeleeo I accepted. What should I do?

When a delivery agent accepts a Deeleeo, they are committing themselves to being able to make the delivery. If an agent must cancel a Deeleeo, they will be charged the amount of the refund to the customer. 

If a Deeleeo was accepted accidentally, it can be cancelled within 30 minutes with no penalty. For Deeleeos scheduled for a future day you can cancel up to 2 hours before the scheduled pickup time without penalty. 



What information can I see before accepting a Deeleeo?

You will be able to see: 

  • The commission you will receive
  • The approximate size and weight of the item(s)
  • The pickup time frame
  • The drop off time frame
  • Any and all customer notes the customer might add

This information is provided to ensure that you know what is required before accepting a Deeleeo. To avoid being charged for cancellations, ensure that you are capable of making the delivery before accepting the Deeleeo.


Why can I not see any Deeleeos?

If you are not getting any alerts please ensure your notification settings are turned on for the Deeleeo Agent app. If you are not seeing many Deeleeos after checking this it may be because the Deeleeos being posted are outside of your delivery capabilities or because we are still expanding in your area and have a limited volume while we grow. 



What if my phone dies while I am delivering something?

Delivery agents are responsible for ensuring that all tools and tech required of them are in working order while on duty. This means that phones must have sufficient charge to complete all Deeleeos which are accepted by the agent. 

If your phone dies while delivering a Deeleeo, charge your phone immediately. Once your phone has power, you should be able to reopen the app and continue the Deeleeo. If your phone dies and it causes a Deeleeo to be delivered late, the customer has the option to file for a refund on the delivery fee, which you would be financially liable for. 



Is there compensation for paid parking?

Parking fees are the responsibility of the driver. We encourage you to use free parking options when available. Our commission takes things such as parking fees into consideration to ensure delivery agents are being compensated appropriately. 


I got a ticket while driving for Deeleeo. Who is responsible for paying for it?

All Deeleeo agents are required to abide by local driving laws, as outlined in the Deeleeo Agent Agreement. This includes obeying speed limits, parking restrictions, and all other laws. Deeleeo does not condone unsafe or illegal driving practices, and is not liable for any such acts committed by its agents. 



Do delivery agents have to pay for missing or stolen items?

The Deeleeo agent is responsible for the safety of the item between pickup and drop off points. This begins when the item is picked up by the agent, and ends when a picture is uploaded that shows the item at the pickup location after arriving safely. By uploading the picture, you are proving that the item has reached its location, and you are no longer considered liable for the item. Until a picture is taken and uploaded of the item in its destination, the delivery driver will be considered liable for the potential loss or damage to an item. If the upload function is not working, you must submit the photo confirmation along with the Deeleeo information to or via text to +1 (825) 440 1355. Until such photo confirmation is submitted, the agent is considered to be responsible for the item. 



I do not want to deliver age-restricted materials. How do I avoid this?

If you are uncomfortable delivering age-restricted material you can simply avoid accepting these Deeleeos. All Deeleeos with these kinds of items will be labeled as such so you know what you are accepting in advance. We will be adding in an option for you to opt out of seeing these altogether in the future. 



Do I need to check ID for every delivery?

You do not need to check ID for every delivery, but you do need to check ID for every age-restricted delivery. The name on the ID must match the name of the recipient listed in the Deeleeo. 

Still have questions?