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Protecting your packages from “porch pirates”

August 14, 2021

“How can I protect my packages from porch pirates?”

Porch pirates are people who steal delivered packages from doorsteps. Although Deeleeo has largely been able to avoid this issue, a whopping 23% of Canadians have experienced package theft according to Finder, so we’ve put together a few ways that you can protect yourself (and your customers) from this threat:

1. Using “in-person delivery only”

Deeleeo allows users to choose “in-person delivery only” if they don’t want their parcels left on their doorstep. This means that important parcels will never wait outside if nobody’s home – they’ll stay safely with the delivery agent or store owner until someone is able to accept the package physically.

2. Using the “delivery notes” section

Most delivery providers (including Deeleeo) provide a section where users can specify their delivery needs. In this section, you can protect your package from being exposed by directing the delivery agent to “deliver to the back door” or to “put the package behind the plant”.

3. Investing in a video doorbell

Video doorbells can be expensive, but they’re a great deterrent for potential porch pirates and provide you with video evidence if one of your packages ends up stolen.

We hope that these tips help you keep your packages (and your customer’s packages) safe!
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