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Wage is all the Rage

Written by Chris1

April 12, 2022

The gig economy, the side hustle, independent contractors, love it or hate it, the rise of “gig” jobs in Canada looks like it is here to stay and for many good reasons. However, hurdles still exist and Deeleeo is staying ahead of the curve on solving one of the biggest hurdles, wages.

It seemed not so long ago that the concept of an app-based rideshare was something out of a futuristic concept novel. After all, weren't we trained to not get into cars with strangers? Now they are common vernacular in our society. How often did we sit at home wishing that we could have fast food delivered to us? That’s easy now!

Now that these services are cemented in our culture and growing fast, a large portion of Canadian workers are using it as a means of generating income. In fact, StatsCan put out a report that showed that, in 2016, 8.2% of Canadian workers were in the “gig economy” [1]. That is almost a 50% increase from the 5.5% in 2005, 11 years earlier.

Given that we are now 6 years later and post a pandemic-driven seismic labour force shift, it is safe to say that number has increased. In fact, some estimates now show another 58% increase with about 13% of Canadians now earning income via the gig economy [2].

However, wage rights continue to be something that has been a struggle for those making use of this new and convenient way of earning income. From the media-highlighted Bill 22 in California debating the classification of app-based rideshare drivers as employees or contractors to the newly announced Ontario legislation that would guarantee $15/hr for app- based gig workers there is a growing movement to protect the wage rights of these contractors, and for good reason.

Alberta-founded Deeleeo, however, has been ahead of the curve on this fight by paying more than minimum wage for their delivery agents while they are working. In fact, right now they pay a minimum of $23/hr by paying around 80% of the delivery fee directly to their agents. On top of that, they also pay bi-weekly via direct deposit which falls in line with what many gig workers desire, but don’t often get. Many businesses still pay via cash or cheque while most contractors wish they could get payment via etransfer or direct deposit [2].

While some argue about what minimum wage should be and whether these contractors should even receive it, Deeleeo has decided to simply pay more, about 50% more in fact. Just another way they are riding the wave of labour innovation into the future. Making the whole idea of“Shopping Local, Conveniently” approachable for the worker, business, and the consumer.

Stay tuned on our blog as we continue to explore this retail revolution or jump into our FAQ’s on our website to learn more! Download the app and get started with the on-demand solution to bringing together affordable convenience with local business empowerment.




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